About Us

Loaves and Fishes of Union County was founded in 1983 & incorporated in 1984 as a volunteer, stand-alone, non-profit, charitable entity founded & operated by unpaid volunteers from local congregations, businesses & civic groups to help local families in crisis.

Loaves and Fishes of Union County is a nondenominational 501(c)3 non-profit community pantry organization that provides food, free of charge, for a week’s worth of nutritionally balanced meals for each household having been screened and referred to us by more than twenty local social service agencies as having a crisis situation. Conference room.

Last year we provided just under 148,000 meals to more than 5,000 people.

Loaves and Fishes of Union County’s many volunteers and contributors have maintained a successful ecumenical ministry for Union County people in crisis since 1983.

Some keep records, pay bills, transport groceries, unpack cases, handle correspondence, e-mail & phone calls, plan events, update the website, prepare presentations & publications, write grants, tell our story at speaking engagements and raise funds.

Some transport, sort, log in food & stock shelves. Others package food in a predetermined quantity and assortment by household size for a week of nutritionally balanced meals.

Board Members

President Tim Orrey (2016/17)
Vice President Michael Morris (2016/17)
Secretary Jara Wilhelm (2016/2017)
Treasurer Danielle Orrey (2017/18)
Director of Social Media Christine Sammons (2017/18)

Past Presidents – Brady Greene, Bill Colt, Herb Joiner, Peter Arkright, Henry Morris


Mission Statement

Loaves and Fishes of Union County is a volunteer community food pantry and 501c(3) corporation whose purposes are to distribute food, free of charge to certified needy people of Union County, North Carolina,  and raise contributions of food, supplies, money and facilities.

Core Values

Loaves and Fishes of Union County treats all individuals with dignity, respect and courtesy, encourages cultural diversity, promotes volunteerism and acts as a civic group dedicated to meeting the needs of neighbors in crisis.


The Board of Directors is Loaves and Fishes of Union County, Inc.’s governing body, controlling the operation of the organization by setting policies and goals.

Authority of the Board is collective & derived from its group action.

No individual Board member has authority over the organization, its expenditures or any other aspects of its business affairs.

Loaves and Fishes of Union County does not permit compensation of directors for their services and is required to make a report on the overall operation of the corporation to the members at an annual membership meeting.